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Work Queues
The Work Queues section displays outstanding items that require your attention within Views. If there are no outstanding items that require your attention the View, is not displayed.
Three types of Views may displayed: hyperlinks only, with multiple selection, or with single selection.
Hyperlink Only
If a View has only one associated process, the View displays with Reference numbers hyperlinks only. It does not display check boxes or radio buttons. Clicking the Reference number hyperlink executes the default process.
Multiple Selection
Multiple selection is displayed when at least one process associated with the View allows execution of the process on more than one row at a time. A check box is displayed on each row and you can select one or more rows.
Each View has a default process button identified in bold type; e.g., View Details.
To execute a process on multiple selected rows, click a process button. Processes that can be executed on multiple rows are available but processes that can only be executed on one row at a time, are not available.
Single Selection
Single selection with radio buttons is displayed when more than one process is associated with the View, but all the available processes allow execution on one row at a time only.
Radio buttons are mutually exclusive.
To execute a process, select a row by clicking its radio button and click a process button.
Click the header on any column to sort the rows by header criteria. Click the header again to change the column sorting order.